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EPICAH partners concerned about relaunching European tourism


The crisis determined by COVID-19 strongly affected tourism due to teritorial and social distancing, limitations of international and cross-border tourism, temporary closure of hotels, restaurants, museums, cancel of public events imposed by the majority of European states. In this context, the EPICAH parteners elaborated a document entitled Tourism post-COVID 19 which has been disseminated to decision-makers at European level (European Commission, European Parliament).

The EPICAH partners consider that Europe needs to transform the crisis caused by COVID-19 into an opportunity for tourism: change towards a more sustainable model, support for cross-border tourism and presentation of Europe as a safe destination for tourism. This period represents an opportunity to maintain Europe as the first destination at world level but also to launch a true European Integrated Tourism Policy.

We herewith remind that the EPICAH project aims to promote the improvement of the policy instruments for crossborder natural and cultural heritage protection. The Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association is one of the 11 partners involved in this project, along with the following organisations: Eixo Atlántico do Noroeste Peninsular from Braga – Portugal having the role of lead partner, Eixo Atlantico del Noroeste Peninsular-Vigo and Asociación Ibérica de Municipios Ribereños del Duero from Spain, Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa Spa from Empoli-Italy, Tokaj Borvidék Fejlődéséért Nonprofit Kft.-Hungary, Regional Development Fund / Region of Western Macedonia from Kozani-Greece, Peipsi Koostöö Keskus from Tartu-Estonia, Regionální rozvojová agentura Plzeňského kraje, o. p. s. from Plzeň-Czech Republic.

The document Tourism post-COVID 19 can be fully read on this page.