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The first week of the „Caravan for Roma Children from Satu Mare County”


Proiect realizat cu suportul financiar al Agenţiei Naţionale pentru Romi-Guvernul României


In the week of 31th of August and 6th of September 2020, the „Caravan for Roma children in  Satu Mare County” stopped in the town of Tășnad and in the communes of Săcășeni, Doba and Tiream. In each of these localities, 25 children from disadvantaged groups together with their parents participated in health education sessions and non-formal education sessions consisting of puppet theater. The caravan was received in these localities with interest, smiles and a lot of joy.

The project “Caravan for Roma children from Satu Mare County” is implemented by the Intercommunity Development Association Satu Mare County in August and September in 10 localities of the county. The project has a total value of 33340 RON, of which 30,006 RON represents funding from the National Agency for Roma through the Program “Promoting a healthy lifestyle through information, non-formal education and awareness”.

During this week, the Caravan will be present in the communes of Culciu, Orașu Nou and Turulung.


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