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Announcement of selection of participants for the community facilitator course within the project “Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma in Satu Mare County”

The Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association selects 15 people to participate in the community facilitator course within the project “Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma in Satu Mare County”. The course will last 40 hours, of which 20 hours theory and 20 hours practice. The course is addressed to a number of 15 specialists / volunteers in the fields of education, health, employment, social assistance, public administration, NGO sector, etc. involved in providing services to Roma people. Course participants will be required to have completed high school education.

Interested persons will submit in person at the Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association  headquarter (25 Octombrie square nr. 1) or will send by e-mail ( until 30.06.2022 at 16.00 a file containing:

  1. Copy of Identity Card;
  2. Copy of birth certificate;
  3. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable);
  4. Copy of diploma – minimum 12 classes;
  5. Registration form Annex 1 A;
  6. Target group registration form – Annex 2a;
  7. Declaration on the processing of personal data – Annex 3a;
  8. Declaration on the avoidance of double funding – Annex 4a;
  9. Declaration on own responsibility regarding Roma ethnicity – Annex 5a (if applicable);
  10. Letter of motivation / intention – Annex 6a.
  11. Declaration on the continuation of the facilitation activities during the whole implementation of the project – Anexa 8a
  12. Curriculum vitae in Europass format

The selection of the registration files in the target group will be made according to the first come / first served principle, within the available places, after verifying the existence of all the documents provided for the registration file.

Priority will be given to roma persons who are living in one of the following administrative units: Tășnad town, Ardud town, Socond commune, Lazuri commune, Păulești commune, Andrid commune, Porumbești commune, Dorolț commune, Santău commune, Turulung commune.

More information can be obtained from:

– Nicoleta Lașan – P1 coordinator, e-mail:, tel. 0742921114

– Szilagyi Marton – facilitator P2, e-mail:, tel. 0755227064


The registration deadline is 06.05.2022 at 16.00.