The contract for the purchase of 10 communal bathrooms was signed

The President of the Satu Mare Intercommunity Development Association, Mr. Pataki Csaba, and the administrator of the company declared the winner following the completion of the procurement procedure, and signed the contract for the supply of sanitary containers within the project “Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma from Satu Mare County”. The company that won the auction has 120 days to deliver and install the sanitary containers, the value of the purchase contract being 795,000 lei plus VAT.

The delivery and installation of the sanitary containers will be carried out in the following localities: Tașnad city (Sărăuad and Cervechi districts), Ardud city (Roma district), as well as 7 villages in Satu Mare county: Stîna (Socond commune), Pelișor (Lazuri commune), Irina (Andrid commune), Cidreag (Porumbești commune), Atea (Dorolț commune), Santău (Santău commune), Turulung (Turulung commune). Each community will benefit from 1 set of sanitary containers (1 male container and 1 female container), fully equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, washing machines and clothes dryers.

The project “Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma from Satu Mare County” has as its main objective the increase of inclusion and empowerment of Roma from Satu Mare County, by providing integrated services for 1300 people from families in vulnerable situations (of which 1250 are Roma) and by increasing the capacity of local public authorities in 10 rural communities to act effectively for their social inclusion.

The project is financed by the Program “Local development, poverty reduction and increasing inclusion of Roma”, EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021, the call for projects “Increasing inclusion and empowering Roma” and by the Government of Romania. The total eligible value of the project is 4,414,864.62 Lei, of which 3,752,634.93 Lei represent EEA and Norwegian Grants and 662,229.69 Lei represent public co-financing.