Aim and Objectives

Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association was established in 2015 in order to prepare, promote and implement projects for the development of the Satu Mare County, in the common interest of all communities associated, in various areas: social services, health, education, sports, culture, infrastructure, environment, business environment, tourism, territorial planning, information technology etc., to achieve joint development projects which are of interest at the county and local level by obtaining domestic and foreign financing, and to coordinate public policies (policies stimulating employment, social inclusion, regional planning, economic development, promoting and stimulating tourism, information technology etc.) taking into account the provisions of Article 12 paragraph 3 of Law no.215/2001.

In order to achieve the aim, the Association has established the following objectives:

a) preparation of necessary documentation for the development and implementation of projects of common interest in priority areas at the level of the Satu Mare County, for:

  • providing and development of local and county territorial infrastructure,

  • improving transport infrastructure, environment, social, health, tourism, education, information technology, etc.,

  • economic development based on competitiveness and creation of jobs by supporting business development,

  • supporting tourism, culture, local identity through the capitalization of anthropological and tourism potential of the associated communities, environment protection,

  • supporting research, technological innovation and information society development,

  • increasing employment rate and human resources development,

  • sustainable development,

  • public policies, public administration;

b) the centralization of project proposals in areas of common interest and of the possibilities for their financing, as well as their systematization according to a unitary county development conception and supporting local initiative;

c) facilitating collaboration, cooperation for the development, implementation and financing of joint investments;

d) increasing the chances for the absorption of structural and cohesion funds, and other funds for local and county sustainable development;

e) improving the county’s development strategy.