Ongoing projects

GENPROCURE - Gender Inclusion in Public Procurement

The GenProcure project forms part of the URBACT programme, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). For a period of two and a half years, it aims to support the nine partner cities in developing Integrated Action Plans focused on the integration of gender equality principles (and opportunities) into public procurement processes.

Starting with a Baseline Study concentrating on comprehending the distinct challenges faced by the partner cities, there will be both local and transnational initiatives aimed at disseminating best practices and providing tools to change how people think about Public Procurement and Gender Equality.

This ongoing work on Gender Responsive Public Procurement presents a possibility to diminish gender and social inequalities by incorporating social criteria into contracts and examining the ways public services can endorse equality.


– Promote gender-responsive public procurement at local and European level

– Raise awareness and empower the target audience through sharing experiences and good practices

– Transform the technical and bureaucratic perception of public procurement into a crucial tool for promoting gender equality (and opportunities)

– Encouraging strategic public procurement by including social and environmental clauses in public contracts

– Increase collaborative mechanisms between institutions in local and European ecosystems

Partnership details

Bosnia and HerzegovinaDepartment for Development and International Projects of Zenica-Doboj Canton (DDIP ZDC)
CroatiaCity of Zagreb
HungaryMunicipality of Újfehértó
ItalyMunicipality of Messina
RomaniaSatu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association
SpainMunicipality of Alcoi
PolandCity of Koszalin
SwedenMunicipality of Umea
PortugalCity of Vila Nova de Famalicão


For more information, consult urbact.ue.

Education for diversity

Funding Program: “Intercultural education through knowledge”.

Implementation period: 01.07.2023-29.10.2023

Total budget: 99.730 Lei, of which 88.090 Lei is funding from the National Agency for Roma from the state budget

Main applicant: Satu Mare County  Intercommunity Development Association

Partners: “Simion Bărnuțiu” Vocational School – Carei, Ardud High School of Technology, “George Barițiu” Vocational School Livada, Tășnad High School of Technology and “Petru Cupcea” Vocational School Supuru de Jos.

The main objective of the project: the project “Education for Diversity” has the main objective of creating a climate of intercultural dialogue among young people in Satu Mare County, by promoting intercultural values, mutual respect, and anti-racist attitudes.

Main activities of the project: 

– Organising a camp for 65 young Roma, Hungarian, and Romanian high school students from Satu Mare County;

– organization of 5 workshops for 25 teachers from the partner high schools;

– organization of a public campaign to promote tolerance and mutual respect for 250 young people of different ethnicities from the 5 partner high schools.


Financing programme: Romanian Energy Program

Implementation period:  01.03.2023–28.02.2024

Total budget: 163,205 Euros, of which 138,724 Euros represents funding from the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

Budget of the Association: 81.500 Euro

Lead partner:

Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association


Vista Analyse AS, Norway

The main objective of the project:

The main objective of the RENEWSM project is to consolidate knowledge and increase the degree of awareness of the population of Satu Mare County regarding renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy security.

The specific objective of the project:

The main activities of the project consist of: the preparation of a report on the potential of Satu Mare County in terms of renewable energy, the organization of a public campaign and training for 40 people, the organization of an exchange of experience in Norway, and a final conference of the project.

Main results of the project:

The main achievements of the project in the medium and long term are:

  • increased knowledge on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and energy security for 50 representatives of local authorities and institutions, which in the long term will lead to less carbon-intensive and increased security of supply;
  •  raise awareness on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and energy security for 2.000 inhabitants of Satu Mare county.


Financing programme: Communities of Tomorrow’s Forest Program

Implementation period:  01.11.2022–31.10.2027

Total budget: 534,561 lei, of which 306,768.50 lei represents funding from The Tomorrow’s Forest Foundation.

Budget of the Association: 534,561 lei,

Lead partner:

Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association


  • Păulești Municipality
  • Tiream Municipality

The main objective of the project:

The project “Planting forests for the future!” has as its main objective the development of forest communities in Satu Mare County, including promoting the responsible management of forests and complementary to increasing respect for nature by educating the young generation on the importance of forests for a cleaner future.

The specific objective of the project:

The main activity of the project consists of the afforestation of a total area of 8.95 ha with black poplar and acacia and the maintenance of the plantations until maturity.

Main results of the project: 

The lands to be afforested are owned by Păulești Municipality (5 ha) and Tiream Municipality (3.95 ha).


Financing programme: the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020, thematic objective 3. TO – local culture and preservation of historical heritage, priority 3.1 promoting local culture and history along with tourism functions.

Implementation period:  01.06.2021–31.05.2023

Total budget: 380.389,80 € of which 336.474,42 € from European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI)

Budget of the Association: 179.489,40 €

Lead partner:

Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association


  • Communal Enterprise “Agency of Regional Development and Cross-Border Cooperation “Transcarpathia” of Zakarpattya Oblast Council”
  • Onokivska Village Council (Ukraine)


The main objective of the project:

is to raise the cross-border touristic potential of the border areas of Satu Mare and Zakarpattya by developing a cross-border thematic route of castles that promotes culture and historical heritage.

The specific objective of the project:

  • create a joint cross-border thematic route of castles in the areas of Satu Mare and Zakarpattya and the preconditions for the preservation of common historical and cultural heritage
  • increase the level of promotion of cross-border tourism through the creation of a joint interactive tool (10 AR scripts developed for castles).


Main results of the project: 

  • increasing by 1500 the number of physical and online visitors of the sites included in the thematic route;
  • at least 20 organizations that use the support of the program to promote local culture and preserve the historical heritage, organizations that participate in the meetings of the group of experts and in the 2 common exchanges of experience;
  • 6 improved cultural and historical sites, and castles in the border areas of Satu Mare and Zakarpattya as a direct result of the support of the program (construction works 1, information kiosks – 4, playgrounds – 2;
  • 2 joint exchanges of experience organized, 17 tourist products developed in the form of a thematic route

„Creșterea incluziunii și abilitarea romilor”

Financing programme: the Program “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Increasing Roma Inclusion”, EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021, the call for projects “Increasing Roma Inclusion and Empowerment”

Implementation period:  01.01.2022–31.12.2023

Total budget: 4.414.864,62 Lei of which 3,752,634.93 RON is EEA and Norwegian Grants and 662,229.69 RON is public co-financing.

Budget of the Association: 1.760.937,76 Lei

Lead partner:

Tăşnad Territorial Administrative Unit


  • Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association
  • Red Cross – Satu Mare Branch

The main objective of the project:

The project aims to increase the inclusion and empowerment of Roma in Satu Mare County, by providing integrated services for 1300 people from vulnerable families (including 1250 Roma) and by increasing the capacity of local public authorities in 10 Satu Mare communities to act effectively for their social inclusion.

The specific objective of the project:

The beneficiaries of the project are 1300 people from vulnerable families (including 1250 Roma) from Tășnad (Sărăuad and Cervechi neighborhoods), Ardud town (Roma neighborhood), as well as from 8 villages in Satu Mare county: Stîna ( Socond commune), Pelișor (Lazuri commune), Hrip (Păulești commune), Irina (Andrid commune), Cidreag (Porumbești commune), Atea (Dorolț commune), Santău (Santău commune), Turulung (Turulung commune).

Main results of the project: 

  • the provision of complementary and adapted educational services, at the level of 10 Satu Mare localities, for at least 680 children, mostly of Roma ethnicity, in situations of vulnerability (young people and children), through non-formal means, non-formal activities, a remedial education program for 80 vulnerable Hrip students and empowerment activities for at least 100 young Roma mothers;
  • facilitating access to employment for 620 inactive young Roma from 10 communities in Satu Mare, raising awareness of equal opportunities in the labor market, acquiring the information, skills, and means necessary to access a job, and by meditating on the labor market for at least 100 of the young people;
  • providing health services for 680 vulnerable children and 620 people in vulnerable situations, mostly Roma, by creating a first aid service in 10 target communities, by promoting and facilitating compliance with basic hygiene rules (on norms of health and personal and collective hygiene, disease prevention, first aid, nutrition, contraception) and investments in 10 communal bathrooms, during the implementation of the project.
  • increasing the local capacities in 10 multiethnic communities in Satu Mare to manage the problems faced by the Roma, by training 15 health mediators and 15 community facilitators to work with the Roma communities during the 8 months of project implementation.

COMMIGRATION - Developing a comprehensive approach for employees working with immigrants and an effective communication strategy

Funding program: Erasmus +, Key action: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice Action: Strategic partnerships for education and training, Type of action: Innovation

Project budget: 211,774 Euro

Implementation period: 31.12.2020- 30.12.2022

Lead Applicant:

Antalya Provincial Directorate for Migration Management

Project partners:

  • Center for European Union and Foreign Affairs Antalya
  • Akdeniz University of Antalya
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association
  • Learning for integration ry- Finland


The objective of the project:

Commigration is a strategic partnership for education and training, the main purpose of which is to develop effective communication with immigrants by developing and providing training programs and results for employees working in the field of immigration.

Implemented activities:

Establishment of the project website, establishment, development, and promotion of social accounts.

  • PGEC, Practical Guide for Effective Collaboration, will be developed by CEUPA with the contribution of all partners. With this guide, all the tasks and responsibilities of each partner, and the time and budgets for each activity in the project will be precise. It will also ensure the sustainability of communication, the development of cooperation between partners, and the monitoring of project progress. It will be distributed to the partners at the launch meeting.
  • Promoting the project and raising awareness, the logo and identity of the project will be prepared by the coordinator and will be printed by each partner and used to distribute in the form of stickers, flyers, and brochures. During the multiplier events that will be organized, promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, and posters will be printed.
  • Ensuring the safety of the participant, the special transfer expenses in Rome will be covered.
  • Translating the results from English into the mother tongue of the partners.