8+ years of activity

The Intercommunity Development Association of Satu Mare County was established in 2015 with the purpose of preparing, promoting, and implementing projects for the development of Satu Mare County, in the common interest of all associated localities, in various fields: social services, healthcare, education, sports, culture, infrastructure, environment, business environment, tourism, spatial planning, information technology, etc. Its aim is to jointly carry out development projects of both county and local interest through obtaining internal and external funding, as well as to coordinate public policies (such as policies for workforce employment stimulation, social inclusion, spatial planning, economic development, tourism promotion and stimulation, information technology, etc.).

Our Team


Dancu Paul

Adela Stănean
Chief Accountant

Laşan Nicoleta
Executive Director

Őri-Pákay Franciska

Szilágyi Márton