The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Association. The Board of Directors is composed out of 7 members – representatives of administrative-territorial units members of the Association, appointed by decisions of the deliberative bodies of the administrative-territorial units, nominated and elected by the General Assembly of the Association for a period of 4 years, of which one President who is also President of the Association, elected by the majority of the members of the Board of Directors and one Vice-President who also serves as Vice-President of the Association, elected using the same procedure as the President. The composition of the Board shall ensure, as far as possible, the representation of all members of the Association in this body, reason for which each member of the Board of Directors shall cooperate with 8-10 representatives of the administrative-territorial units that are not represented in the Board, in order to inform and consult them on the initiation and implementation of intercommunity development projects. The Board of Directors can elaborate its own Rule of functioning, which will be approved by the General Assembly of the Association.

Board of Directors members:

  • The representative of Satu Mare County, through the Satu Mare County Council, namely Pataki Csaba, as President of the Association
  • The representative of Ardud Town, namely Duma Ovidiu Marius, as Vice-President of the Association
  • The representative of Carei Municipality, namely Kovacs Eugen, as member
  • The representative of Negreşti Oaş Town, namely Fedorca Aurelia, as member
  • The Representative of Livada Town, namely Piricsi Artur, as member
  • The representative of Tășnad Town, namely Farcău Adrian Dănuț, as member
  • The representative of Santău Commune, namely Silaghi Sergiu, as member.

The Board of Directors exercises the following main tasks:

a) implements the resolutions of the General Assembly;

b) implements the income and expenses budget and prepares the draft budget for next year;

c) presents in front of the General Assembly the activity report for the previous period and makes proposals for its improvement, the execution of the income and expenses budget, the balance sheet, the income and expenditures draft budget for the future year and the draft of future programs of the Association;

d) proposes the contribution amount for the next year, which will be included in the draft budget of the Association, subject to approval by the General Assembly;
e) in relation with the associates, monitors the payment of their contribution to the Association’s budget and decides the measures to be taken against members who did not pay their due contribution in the timeframe stipulated by this Statute;
f) decides the prosecution of members who do not pay their contribution shares to the Association’s budget for more than 60 days after the deadline set by the formal notice;
g) proposes to the General Assembly measures programmes and action plans on the development and streamlining the activities of the Association, amendments to the Statute, capital participation, credit contracts and any such other;

h) is responsible for the relation with local authorities of administrative-territorial units members of the Association and monitors the allocation to the Association’s budget of their contribution shares;

i) monitors, under the law conditions, the recovery of losses caused by the Association’s staff or by third parties;

j) approves the legal acts to be concluded by the Association in its own name, except for contracts whose value exceeds the equivalent in RON of EUR 30,000;

k) proposes the establishment of a specialized team to achieve the objectives of the Association, financed from its own resources, the organization chart, as well as the amount of salaries, allowances and awards for the specialized apparatus; can propose the nomination of a public administrator according to article 114 of Law no.215/2001;

l) hires the Association’s staff, respecting the personnel policy approved by the General Assembly and taking into account the budget approved by the General Assembly;

m) draws through the specialized team of the Association the necessary documents for accomplishing the Association’s competences;

n) analyzes and approves/rejects the applications for new membership, informing the General Assembly with the aim to ratify these decisions;

o) performs any other duties stipulated in the Statute or established by the General Assembly.