The internal control of the Association is performed by a committee of censors composed out of minimum 3 members, appointed by the General Assembly for a period of 3 years, with the possibility of extension.

The Committee of censors has the following tasks:

a) verifies the fulfillment of statutory requirements regarding the presence and vote in the General Assembly of the Association;

b) verifies the implementation of the budget, the proposals for the draft income and expenses budget for the following year and the proposals for amending the current year’s budget;

c) verifies, at least once every six months, the Association’s budget management, the establishment and collection of contributions to the Association’s expenses, registering the findings in a register of minutes which shall be kept at the Association’s headquarter by one of the censors;

d) verifies whether the Association’s financial records meet the legal requirements necessary for conducting properly the financial management;

e) prepares, on the basis of checks carried out and presents to the General Assembly of the Association, reports on its activities and on the financial management of the Association, proposing the annual discharge of the Board of Directors and of the Association’s management team;

f) proposes for approval to the General Assembly of the Association or, where appropriate, to the Board of Directors, programs, projects of programs with necessary measures to conduct the financial management; proposes the recovery, according to the law conditions, of the losses produced by the Association’s staff or by its members. Recommends to the Board of Directors the referral to criminal courts, when it finds out that accounting law offenses have been done.