The General Assembly is the governing body of the Association, composed of the representatives of members appointed through decisions of their deliberative bodies.

The main tasks of the General Assembly of the Association are:

a)establish the strategy and objectives of the Association;

b) establish the payment deadline, payment amount and forms of contribution of the members to the Association’s budget;

c) approval of the annual activity report of the Board for the previous period, the report of the auditors, the financial statements for the previous year and the draft income and expenses budget of the Association for the next financial year, offering each year a discharge to the Board and to the ones that exercise the Association management;

d) election and dismissal of Board members, as well as offering them financial benefits;

e) election and dismissal of the committee of censors’ members and establishing the general rules of organization and functioning of the committee of censors;

f) approval of the organization chart and of the personnel policy of the Association, as well as the approval of the establishment, powers, functioning and organization of Association’s specialized team;

g) approval of contracts to be concluded by the Association in its own name of which value exceed the equivalent in RON of EUR 30,000 (thirty thousand) Euro;

h) amend the Constitutive Act and the Statute of the Association;

i) dissolution and liquidation of the Association and disposition of assets after liquidation;

j) approval of the withdrawal and exclusion of members from the Association;

k) decides on the establishment of a specialized team to achieve the Association’s objectives, financed from the resources of the Association, the organization chart, the amount of salaries and financial prizes for specialized personnel; it can decide to appoint a public manager according to Article 114 of Law no.215/2001, at the proposal of the Board of Directors;

l) any other duties stipulated by law or by the present Statute.

In exercising its duties, the General Assembly adopts resolutions.